Farm Food Rawhide Dog chews

For years now, the treatment of skin and coat problems has been top priority for veterinarians. The immense increase in the number of dogs with dental problems is striking, however. The primary reason for these problems is the increasing occurrence of plaque, which in turn causes tartar to form; and all the consequences this entails. Because dental problems in dogs appear to be increasingly common, a structured approach in addition to periodic check-ups is vital. You will find this structured approach in the Farm Food Rawhide chew bones.

The tasty, healthy and natural toothbrush for your dog

Dogs naturally have a great need to chew on things. They do this because it is the only way for them to naturally keep their teeth clean. In their natural habitat, wolves and other canines will chew on the skin and bones of their kill after a meal. Chewing on soft, tough material cleans their teeth and, in turn, ensures healthy gums.For our domestic dogs the ‘skin and bones of prey’ are best substituted by pure Farm Food chewing products, such as Rawhide® or Antlers®.Using Farm Food Rawhide, you can keep your dog’s teeth clean and prevent the formation of tartar.

What is Rawhide?

Rawhide is the dried subcutaneous tissue (the second, strong and tough layer) of the skin of cattle. Our white chew bones are imported from Europe and are made from the hides of free-range cattle that are kept for the local meat production.As the production company is a part of a large slaughterhouse, the hides are therefore mechanically split immediately after slaughter. The outer, indigestible layer is removed for leather production in the process. The inner layers, digestible, subcutaneous connective tissue are washed and cut into pieces to the desired size. After being manually folded in the various shapes, the white chew bones are dried in an oven for several days.One very important aspect of our products is that, because of quick processing, no harmful substances are used during the entire production process. This allows us to guarantee a clean, pure and safe product.

Farm Food Rawhide dog chews and your dog

It is a well-known fact that food residue in the mouth is not only the cause of bad breath, but also causes the formation of dental plaque. This plaque is, in turn, responsible for the much-feared tartar and can become quite severe in the long term, damaging the gums as well; this can cause infections and loss of teeth.Farm Food Rawhide chew bones are firm, hard and fully digestible. Because of the action of saliva during chewing, a natural collagen protein is released, a protein compound created by the body itself. This collagen has the ability to dissolve plaque.Before this tough material becomes soft enough for small pieces to be bitten off, the sanding action during chewing makes for a thorough and visible cleaning process of the dog’s teeth.Because your dog has to chew intensively, Farm Food Rawhide helps in preventing and combatting animal obesity.During the chewing process the brain releases endorphins which give a sense of tranquillity, allowing your dog to relax.

That’s why we recommend Farm Food Rawhide

A dog that gets to chew Farm Food Rawhide bones from an early age will become a happy companion, with a fresh breath and a healthy mouth. (If an older dog has already developed tartar, this must first be removed before the same effect may be expected).

The uniqueness of Farm Food Rawhide lies in the following facts

Farm Food Rawhide is made exclusively from fresh, approved cattle hides. The production company is part of a large slaughterhouse. The hides are processed immediately, as opposed to many nameless chewing products.

  • Farm Food Rawhide is fully digestible.
    • While chewing, collagen is released which dissolves plaque. This can prevent the formation of tartar!
  • Farm Food Rawhide is produced in an absolutely clean and safe manner.
    • The hides have been washed with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) several times to kill any bacteria present. This means the hides have been safely bleached in order to obtain a pure product which doesn’t smell and doesn’t get sticky while chewing.During the washing process the hydrogen peroxide is separated completely into one part water (H2O) and one part oxygen (O2).
  • Farm Food Rawhide does not contain any undesirable substances.
    • Before, during and after the Farm Food Rawhide production, no chemicals like chromium, arsenic or bromine are used.We also refrain from using dyes of any sort in order to get a more uniform (in terms of colour) and smoother looking product.
    • Although (EU-approved) dyes are not considered harmful, we think it makes sense not to use such substances (because of the proven impact these substances can have on the behaviour of some children).
  • Farm Food Rawhide is manufactured according to HACCP guidelines.
  • Farm Food Rawhide is non-allergenic!
    • Combined, the abovementioned points ensure there should not be any allergic reactions while using Farm Food Rawhide. This is in contrast to many other, nameless chew toys. The fact that many “food allergies” are caused by impure, nameless chew products is increasingly well known. Farm Food Rawhide can, in most cases, be safely given to dogs that may suffer from food allergies (unless it’s an allergy which has been proven to concern beef).
  • Farm Food Rawhide is a heavy quality product among its kind.
    • The skins are not stretched and inflated in order to obtain a product that looks bigger to the human eye.
    • Because of the thickness of the hides they last longer.
    • Because of the thickness of the skins used, Farm Food Rawhide is much heavier than most other similarly sized rawhide products.
  • Farm Food Rawhide is a handmade natural product.As a result, slight differences in shape among the individual bones may occur. Because each skin dries differently, some bones may have a lighter or darker colour than others.

This is why Farm Food Rawhide is tasteful, useful, healthy and fun for your dog.

Daily recommended quantity

Please see below for the amount of food we recommend for your dog’s age and weight, based on 4 feeds. Measure out your dog’s food by eye. Do not deviate from these quantities by more than 25%.

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