Farm Food Dental Impressed

The tasty, healthy and natural toothbrush for your dog.

100% clean and pure – Fully digestible


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Farm Food Dental Impressed

100% Pure dried subcutaneous tissue of beef, no additives.

Availiable in:

S - M - L - XL

This is why Farm Food Rawhide is tasteful, useful, healthy and fun for your dog.

  • 1Farm Food Rawhide, 100% real Rawhide®!
  • 2Fully digestible.
  • 3100% clean and pure.
  • 4No harmful undesirable substances.
  • 5Pure thick cattle hide, for more chewing fun.

Farm Food Dental Impressed

Extra information

Analytical components

  • Moisture 6,4%
  • Protein 92,8%
  • Fat 0,2%
  • Ash 0,2%
  • Crude fibre 0,4%

Daily recommended quantity

Please see below for the amount of food we recommend for your dog’s age and weight, based on 4 feeds. Measure out your dog’s food by eye. Do not deviate from these quantities by more than 25%.

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