Why just one food for all dogs?

As is generally recognised, all our dogs are descended from the wolf, and the various breeds have emerged by selection. However if we look at “the essence” of our dogs we see that, in terms of evolution, they are still at the same level as the wolf.

Just like the basic behaviour of the wolf, the whole digestive system, and all it entails, has remained the same. Amongst wild dogs it was and is a fact that the whole pack, from young to old and from small to big, eat the same food sources in accordance with their requirements, from the prey that is available at the moment. Pups eat relatively more and older dogs somewhat less.

In this respect dogs are comparable with people (also a long living “mammal”), because people also eat the same mix, from baby to senior. The baby eats relatively more of this (blended) food than its parents, and the grandparents in contrast eat relatively much less.

Because dogs, just like their ancestors, eat as much as is necessary to supply their energy needs, with food of the correct composition they also take in all the nutritional substances in the right relative quantities to the energy taken up.

Young dogs, lactating bitches, and working dogs that have to perform, eat more than the average fully grown dog, and in this way their total requirement for the various nutritional substances is satisfied. The same applies to older dogs that are not expected to perform ; these eat less than the average fully grown dog.

Because dogs have a very short intestine (in relative terms seven times as short as that of humans), food for dogs has to contain a lot of energy per kilogram of dry material, so that digestion is not adversely influenced by too much bulk.

Therefore all dogs can eat Farm Food HE (High Energy) throughout their lives. And the “All Life Stages” philosophy of Farm Food has been based on this fact since 1982: one type of food that is suitable for all dogs, from “mini” to “maxi”; from puppy to senior; from working to resting.

The recent years have more than proved that Farm Food HE is extremely suitable for puppies and seniors, very large and very small breeds, hard-working and resting dogs, and that special puppy food, senior food, or hypo-allergenic food is unnecessary, just like in nature. For small dogs (puppy or a small breed) there is Farm Food HE Mini, precisely the same composition but then in a smaller sized pellet (6 mm) and in a smaller bag.

In summary:

  • Wild dogs all eat from one and the same source of food.
  • Young dogs eat relatively more, and older dogs relatively less.
  • Puppies and older dogs can all eat one and the same Farm Food pellets.