Why Farm Food HE?

Farm Food HE: pressed, natural dog food since 1982.

Farm Food HE contains no chemical antioxidants, preservatives, added colourings, aromas and/or flavourings

Because of the high level of purity of the ingredients used there is no need to add chemical antioxidants and preservatives to Farm Food HE. This is also the reason for the limited shelf life of Farm Food HE (up to 6 months following production). Partly because of the absence of preservatives it is important that the food can “breathe” in order to avoid the food going bad and the formation of fungus. This means that Farm Food HE must NOT be kept in airtight containers or other storage methods where no oxygen can get in!

Farm Food HE contains no thickeners

Thickeners are often added to foods in order to achieve a harder pellet. However these have the disadvantage that they bind certain trace elements in the intestines, making these indigestible. This can cause nutritional imbalance which in the long term has a very negative effect on the health of dogs. Not using thickeners does however mean that sometimes powder or dust can arise. But we find this acceptable because at the end of the day it is all about the health of your dog (s)!

Farm Food HE is cold pressed and not extruded

In order to prevent damage to valuable nutritional substances such as proteins and fats or loss of vitamins, Farm Food HE is not extruded, but is cold pressed. All ingredients that need to be cooked to make them easy to digest (the grains) are so-called ‘unlocked’ first, before being processed in the total mix.

Dogs become more full of life and stable in character

Again and again we hear that dogs, after switching to Farm Food HE, become more full of life and happier. This is down to the high quality and pure ingredients that we use. Because we mostly make use of high quality (Dutch) beef proteins and haemoglobin powder, a protein proportion of 24% is what is necessary in order to more than fully satisfy the requirement for amino acids. Because of this, significantly less waste substances are produced during digestion, which also causes less strain on the liver. Also the fact that we have added no colouring, aroma and flavourings or chemical antioxidants, thickeners, or preservatives to Farm Food HE probably also has a stabilising and positive effect on character.

Dogs become stronger and muscular

Dogs eat mammals in by nature. Therefore in developing Farm Food HE we took account of the natural feeding pattern of dogs. That is why in the preparation of Farm Food HE beef and haemoglobin powder are used as sources of protein. The pattern of amino acids in beef matches most closely the dogs natural build up of their body. As a result the dogs become stronger and more muscular.

Farm Food HE contains no chicken or other poultry

Because most chicken (poultry) that is available comes from animals that were slaughtered at the peak of their growth (chickens for slaughter between five and six weeks old), the body of the chicken (chick) contains naturally present growth hormones. (These natural growth hormones are produced in the pituitary gland of the chicken itself). In addition the bone marrow contains a lot of proline, a so-called “amino acid” that adversely affects the function of true amino acids (proline is an antagonist). Our experience is that the combination of the factors referred to above has a negative impact on the total health of dogs. Above all the growth of young dogs and the fertility of older dogs appear to suffer from the natural growth hormones. However if use is made of fully grown chickens (that for example are slaughtered after they no longer lay any eggs), these negative effects are significantly reduced.

Young dogs grow much more evenly

If puppies are given Farm Food HE to eat from the beginning in combination with Farm Food Fresh Tripe and Heart Complete(see page 15), they grow much more evenly without the well-known growth shocks and growth pains. This regular growth leads to better bone development and ensures that the ligaments and tendons also develop in pace with bone development and at an even pace, making them more stable. Breeders keep on confirming to us that the dogs remain “in balance” during growth. What is also striking here is that the dogs grow slower in comparison with their litter mates that have been given different food, but when fully grown they are just as large. Above all this point is striking amongst the larger breeds.

The coat becomes better and fuller

Above all by using pure beef fats which, before they are processed within Farm Food HE, have not been heated to more than 90°C (supplemented by lecithin and cold pressed linseed oil or Scottish Salmon oil for extra omega 3 and 6 fatty acids), the digestive system of dogs is put under less strain. Also the fact that Farm Food HE is not extruded but is cold pressed certainly contributes to the quality of the coat. These facts, together with the high protein quality and the lack of use of thickeners, chemical antioxidants and preservatives, are partly responsible for the fact that diet related skin and hair problems are relieved and the colour and structure of the coat becomes as it should!

Older dogs gain “a second youth”

A striking number of Farm Food HE customers report that older dogs remain much more active and full of life than dogs of the same age which receive a different diet. We also regularly hear from dog lovers that their dog has begun “a second youth” after they have switched over to Farm Food HE. This fact is entirely down to the unique composition and high level of purity of Farm Food HE, which additionally remains completely intact because the food is not extruded, but is cold pressed.

Farm Food HE provides a healthy bowel function

Dogs that are given Farm Food HE to eat generally have a healthy bowel function. No colourful loose stools but good dark faeces. In comparison with many others the faeces of dogs that have eaten Farm Food HE are darker. This is due entirely to the fact that it is highly digestible. Because Farm Food HE contains a lot of energy per kilogram and is more than 86% digestible, the volume of excrement, once the dog has become used to it, is relatively low. The faeces has a moisture content that means that the dogs do not have to push. This consistency of the excrement also ensures that the anal glands are “massaged” empty.

Farm Food HE is intended for all dogs of all ages

Because dogs of different ages or in different circumstances do not need different but more or less of a food which is biologically in balance, you can give all your dogs, from puppy to senior the same Farm Food HE to eat. If your dog has a gluten allergy there is a special mix which is (wheat) gluten free, with the same composition otherwise. For puppies and small breeds there is Farm Food HE “Mini”; with exactly the same composition as the normal pellet, however just a little bit smaller in size (6 mm), to make it easier to eat for puppies and small breeds.

Farm Food HE, a good source of prebiotics

Farm Food HE is provided with prebiotics, in the form of inulin; an insoluble fibre (FOS) that is found in, amongst others, the chicory root. Farm Food HE is therefore an excellent way to provide additional food for the good bacteria (probiotoics) in the intestinal flora. Farm Food HE can be very well combined and mixed with Farm Food Fresh Complete. Farm Food HE is therefore an excellent choice in addition to Farm Food Fresh meat feeding.

Pure raw materials and ingredients, suitable for human consumption

The same quality standards are demanded of all ingredients that are processed in Farm Food HE as for products intended for human consumption. The composition and quality of the materials used in farm food HE ensure in this way an optimal biological balance, the high biological value of the proteins, and a high level of digestibility above 86%.

Farm Food HE: pressed, natural dog food since 1982

It will be clear to you that we attach a great deal of value to the quality and the purity of all the ingredients that are used in the preparation of Farm Food HE. We do this in order to avoid putting strain on the liver. This is actually the secret behind the fact that the dogs also “do so well” in the long term on Farm Food HE.

Please note: Farm Food Fresh is not yet available throughout whole of Europe. Where Farm Food Fresh Tripe and Heart Complete is mentioned you can change 20% of Farm Food HE with the double amount of raw unwashed tripe and mix it with the Farm Food HE.

Since Farm Food Fresh Tripe and Heart Complete has all the nutrients for a complete and healthy meal the raw unwashed tripe is not complete. A dog needs at least 75% of the nutrients from Farm Food HE to get a complete meal, the rest of the meal should be substituted with raw unwashed tripe to stimulate the intestinal flora.

50 grams of Farm Food HE compares to 100 grams Farm Food Fresh.

So if you would give a dog 100 grams (example!) Farm Food HE per meal (but wanted to feed your dog FF Fresh Complete instead) you can give 80 grams Farm Food HE and 40 grams raw unwashed tripe (you doubled the 20%).

As an alternative to Farm Food Fresh Tripe and Heart Complete or the raw unwashed tripe a complete fresh meat containing at least 60% of green (dirty or unwashed) tripe can be given.