Why pressed pellets?

Why, according to us, are pressed pellets healthier for your dog?

here are two ways to produce dry food. These are extrusion and pressing. The biggest difference between these two is the absolute temperature during production. During extrusion the temperature of the food, under the influence of pressure and added warmth, rises to far above 100°C. In this way the dog food is “baked” and so-called “crunchy” pellets are created. That these high temperatures can have negative effects on important substances is also generally known within the manufacture of food for humans.

Above all the fats and certain vitamins (particularly those of the B-complex), are very sensitive to heating above 100°C. Whenever fats are “baked” a lot of fatty acids are produced, amongst other things, which have for example a very negative effect on the chemical processes within the liver.

In the early days of dog food production people used extrusion to increase the digestibility of the carbohydrates. But because the carbohydrates can also be unlocked in advance in the interests of digestibility (comparable with cooking), and the digestibility of the other substances (proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements) is not increased by extrusion, this production method is unnecessary in our opinion. It can even be judged as negative. The chemical processes that take place at temperatures above 100°C cannot be precisely determined. During extrusion a change in the ingredients takes place entering unknown territory. It is unknown to what extent fats and proteins, trace elements, vitamins and minerals are changed by extrusion and what the consequences are for dogs.

A good example of heating above 100°C is bread crust. Although it is baked from the same flour as the inside of the loaf, the crust has become brown and tastes bitter. There has been a clear change in the nature of the ingredients. In cold pressing below 75°C the nature of the ingredients does not change, neither in combination with other ingredients.

In addition to what is stated above there are a few other important reasons why Farm Food HE uses pressing and not extrusion.

Amongst others it is the fact that with extrusion certain essential high-value protein ingredients (such as haemoglobin) cannot be used because these are completely baked in temperatures above 100°C.

At a pressing temperature of no more than 75°C these ingredients remain completely in their original state. In this way they make an important contribution to the total quality of the food and thereby the optimal function and health of our dogs. In a well pressed pellet the nutrients are released more evenly. This is because Farm Food HE is slowly dissolved in the stomach from the outside of the pellet. An extruded pellet in contrast keeps soaking up stomach juices and then falls apart in one go.

Besides the fact that a pressed pellet will float much less in the stomach, this slow dissolving is an important reason why with well pressed pellets the chance of stomach torsion or bloat is clearly lower than in the case of extruded pellets. It is therefore also very important that Farm Food HE is not mixed with extruded pellets.

In contrast to an extruded pellet, you can mix Farm Food HE with fresh meat such as for example Farm Food Fresh.

  1. To make the difference between pressing and extrusion visible there is a very clear test that you can also carry out simply as follows:Take two large glasses.
  2. Choose an extruded dog food (extruded dog food stays floating on the surface of water).
  3. Take the same weight in grams of Farm Food HE and the extruded dog food. For example 100 g of Farm Food HE and 100 g of the extruded dog food. Put the dog foods in separate glasses.
  4. Add a good dose of vinegar in order to some extent to imitate the acidity within the stomach.
  5. Then fill both glasses with lukewarm water.
  6. Let them stand for a while.
  7. After a few minutes you will see a clear result.

You will see the difference quite quickly and after half an hour to an hour you can see from this test approximately what happens in a dog’s stomach; and this is precisely one of the reasons why we at Farm Food HE press and do not extrude!

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