Advantages of Farm Food Fresh Menu

100% pure, fresh meat for dogs; with natural prebiotic properties

The convenience of fresh meat of the familiar Farm Food quality without the need for a freezer. Ideal when:

  • Your dog is a very fussy eater or has lost its appetite
  • On holidays or during a day out
  • Raw food is too inconvenient
  • Raw food “is a bridge too far”
  • Your dog is hypersensitive to raw meat
  • You want to pamper your dog

Farm Food Fresh Menu contains only natural ingredients

All animal derived ingredients used in Farm Food Fresh Menu come from animals from the E.U. that are approved for human consumption. All added vitamins and mineral nutrients in Farm Food Fresh Menu are organic and suitable for human consumption.

Farm Food Fresh Menu combines well with, or can be mixed successfully with Farm Food HE

Farm Food Fresh Menu is a complete food, so can be used as a daily meal. It is not necessarily meant to supplement Farm Food HE or any other food. Mixing Farm Food Fresh Menu and Farm Food HE is possible, because Farm Food HE is a cold-pressed pellet. If you want to switch from extruded kibble to Farm Food Fresh Menu and Farm Food HE, it is best to only feed Farm Food Fresh Menu for a while; you can then mix our fresh meat with Farm Food HE. (Never mix an extruded diet with Farm Food HE.) 65 grams of Farm Food Fresh Menu equals 25 grams of Farm Food HE. Farm Food Fresh Menu is developed by our own nutritional team using our own unique recipes and expertise.

Farm Food Fresh Menu is 100% pure and natural. And – naturally – without:

  • Artificial additives
  • Chemical antioxidants
  • Preservatives
  • Thickeners
  • Colourings
  • Aromatic substances
  • Flavourings

Farm Food Fresh Menu does not contain fillers or thickeners. This gives it a high caloric value relative to its volume.

Farm Food Fresh Menu encourages highly stable intestinal bacteria for your dog

A healthy, well-established intestinal flora is the basis of good health.

Farm Food Fresh Menu is a ready-made and complete, gently steamed fresh meat

It is therefore an excellent base or can be given in addition to your home-made dog food. You do not need a freezer or refrigerator  to feed your dog complete fresh meat. Since Farm Food Fresh Menu comes in sizeable portions, you are saving a considerable amount of time during preparation (no snipping or cutting of meat required). Scottish Salmon oil and cold-pressed sunflower oil are added to Farm Food Fresh Menu for omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Farm Food Fresh Menu does not contain chicken or other poultry products

Because most chicken (poultry) available comes from animals that have been slaughtered in their growth peak (chicks of 5-6 weeks old), their carcasses are high in natural growth hormones (produced in the chicken’s pituitary gland). In our experience, all factors combined have a negative effect on the overall health of dogs. Growth in young dogs and fertility in particular seem to be affected. When mature hens are used (slaughtered when they stop laying enough eggs) these effects are not as prominent or do not occur at all.

Farm Food Fresh Menu does not contain omasum

Omasum has a nasty ‘floating’ quality. It reduces the amount of time the food remains in the intestines and the stool is slightly grey coloured (depending on the amount of omasum in the food). Omasum as a single food is often given when a colon cleansing is desired.

Farm Food Fresh Menu does not contain organ meat, other than beef heart and beef liver

Although all intestines can be called organs, what we mean is that Farm Food Fresh Menu does not contain lungs, kidneys, pancreas, spleen and such.

Farm Food Fresh Menu is 100% gluten free

To start the starch digestion capacity in pups, 2 percent of rice is added.

Farm Food Fresh Menu does not contain bone

This guarantees a controlled calcium/phosphorus absorption. It is not known what the calcium/phosphorus absorption (usability) of (ground) bone for dogs is. When bones are mixed in with the meat, there is no way of knowing if the calcium/phosphorus absorption is sufficient, too much, or not enough. That is why we use inorganic calcium/phosphorus minerals as natural dietary supplements to achieve the right calcium/phosphorus amount and balance, because we know what their absorption in the dog’s intestines is. That is why Farm Food Fresh lends itself well for use as a base for, or in addition to your home-made dog meal.

Suitable for all-life-stages as a daily food or additional food

As mentioned before it goes without saying that Farm Food Fresh Menu ‘Tripe and Heart Complete’ and ‘Beef Complete’ are extremely suitable as a daily meal for your dog no matter what age or breed as it contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It can also be used as a ‘mixer’ with our complete cold-pressed dog food Farm Food HE. You should not however mix the Farm Food Fresh Menu with an extruded or baked kibble as the digestibility is different. This can temporarily cause thin stools.

Storage container

Your pet store can now supply a Farm Food Fresh Menu storage container. It will easily hold 2 pouches of 300 gram Farm Food Fresh Menu. Because the container can be closed tight, it is easy to divide Farm Food Fresh Menu into portions for several meals a day.