Intestinal bacteria build-up

Intestinal bacteria build-up is very important!

A healthy intestinal flora is one of the main pillars of the overall health of your dog. When the intestinal flora is out of balance or insufficient, health problems are unavoidable. Skin, coat and digestive problems or allergies often originate from a disturbance of the intestinal flora. That is why we have always advised our clients to include so-called ‘fresh meat days’ based on unwashed green tripe in their dog’s diet to supplement the dry food, because it contains natural probiotics and prebiotics.

The prebiotics, good bacteria and enzymes that are present in Farm Food Fresh Menu in combination with the unique composition of the ingredients can substitute part of this probiotic effect of raw green tripe.

Prebiotics are specific dietary fibres that are not dissolved by the acid in the stomach and are not digested in the small intestine. So they arrive undigested in the large intestines. There they serve as food for the intestinal bacteria present. While being broken down by these bacteria, useful materials which encourage good health are released, which stimulate the continued presence, growth, and activity of the intestinal flora.

Moreover, we have always been quite vocal about the fact that a high-quality complete fresh meat product is a good and healthy way to feed your dog.

Creation of the intestinal flora

Just like every unborn individual, puppies have no intestinal flora before they are born. The first bacteria are taken in in the birth canal during birth. Following their birth the puppies come increasingly into contact with bacteria from the surroundings of their mother. Because they drink milk from the mother the pH (acidity) of the stomach is high enough for these bacteria to pass through the stomach undamaged. Upon arriving in the intestines they attach themselves to the intestinal wall and so the intestinal flora begins to build up.

As long as the puppies are drinking milk the intestinal flora comprises mostly bifid bacteria. These are extremely valuable, because these so-called ‘good bacteria’ produce various acids that kill harmful bacteria.

When the puppies stop drinking milk the pH (acidity) of the stomach reduces. Harmful bacteria have less chance to reach the intestines. However the most useful bacteria, which were able to get through during the period of feeding on milk, also no longer get through. In the wild we see that this is compensated by the fact that the puppies get food that the parents have vomited. And in this way the development of a healthy balanced intestinal flora continues.

For pups in particular, it is essential for their first solid food to provide nutrients, but also to help support a healthy balanced intestinal flora. That is why we recommend to only feed them Farm Food Fresh Menu for the first few weeks (if needed, supplemented with Farm Food No.1) in addition to the mother’s milk.

It is recommended to start with ‘Beef Complete’ and to gradually move on to ‘Tripe and Heart Complete’ when the pups are 6 weeks old.

Suitable for all-life-stages as a daily food or additional food.

As mentioned before it goes without saying that Farm Food Fresh Menu ‘Tripe and Heart Complete’ and ‘Beef Complete’ are extremely suitable as a daily meal for your dog no matter what age or breed as it contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It can also be used as a ‘mixer’ with our complete cold-pressed dog food Farm Food HE.

You should not however mix the Farm Food Fresh Menu with an extruded or baked kibble as the digestibility is different. This can temporarily cause thin stools.

Storage container

Your pet store can now supply a Farm Food Fresh Menu storage container. It will easily hold 2 pouches of 300 gram Farm Food Fresh Menu. Because the container can be closed tight, it is easy to divide Farm Food Fresh Menu into portions for several meals a day.

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