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By: Tracy Salter, England

To all at Farm Food H.E.

It's been a while since I updated you on Fergus' progress so I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how he is getting on. I have to say I am over the moon with his attitude and demeanour since he has been on your food. Fergus is becoming more responsive by the day and now has greater drive and motivation than I would have ever thought possible. He has in the last two weeks been placed four times in his obedience class, one 6th, two 4th and a third, not bad since he has only competed four times, with each class having entries upwards of 32! He is also managing to stay calm and settled outside of the ring.

I never thought that in one food I could achieve the energy kick and stamina required for competition as well as the stability and relaxation essential for a happy homelife.

Since my last E-mail we have a new addition to the family. Percy, who is a 19 week old Labrador, came to us at twelve weeks because he couldn't get on with his previous familys cats. When he arrived with his tinned meat and highly coloured complete food we thought we would never be able to relax again, Percy was a one puppy whirlwind who saw Fergus as his personal chew toy! Having spoken to Colin I was reassured to know that we could feed Percy the same food as Fergus, and what an amazing result! within two weeks Percy went from tail tugging terrorist to a calm confident puppy who is now an absolute dream to live with and teach. In fact Percy is proving to be such an outstanding pupil that my partner, who has never trained a dog before, is enjoying success with his puppy classes and hopes to enter the obedience world himself.

Percys eyes are now brighter and his coat, which was at best sparse, is now thick, full, soft and shiny. The biggest surprise to us all was the impact the change of food had on Percys toilet training. Again within two week we had no accidents in the house at all and had a well mannered puppy asking to be let out of the back door and managing to hold himself long enough for us to have a good six hours sleep. Now I know it sounds a bit strange to credit a dog food with toilet training success, but I am convinced that once all the other food had left his system, Percy, who was no longer hyperactive, could concentrate better on the task in hand.

So once again, a very big thank you to all at Farm Food HE for changing the lives of Fergus and Percy and enabling us to enjoy them all the more, and heartfelt thanks from Fergus who tail is now intact and has a much calmer, gentler playmate.

Regards Tracy Salter.