Farm Food HE - the natural holistic alternative dog food.

Premium Quality, Pressed Natural Dog food.

Farm Food HE holistic dog food contains no chemical substances such as: antioxidants, preservatives, colourings, fragrances, taste substances and contains no binders.

The Natural Holistic AlternativeFarm Food HE is a premium quality natural dogfood suitable for every breed of dog, irrespective of age and/or performance. Farm Food HE satisfies largely the directives as noted in the nutrient requirements for Dogs of the Commission on Animal Nutrition. Farm Food HE distinguishes itself by the high purity of the raw materials used, resulting in a high biological value of the proteins and a high digestibility (87%).

Farm Food HE distinguishes itself also by the fact that it has been pressed (at max. 75o C) and has not been extruded. The use of a low temperature during production prevents the ingredients from damage or nutrient loss due to excess heating. The constant composition, the high purity of the ingredients and the low production temperature ensures together that the metabolism of the dog is as little as possible charged. Because of this the health of the dog is strongly promoted, which is among other things clearly visible in the quality of the fur and stools.

Farm Food HE contains the correct quantity and proportion of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats. Farm Food HE also contains a maintenance dosage of Glucosamine and Chondroïtine thus helping to promote supple joints. 

The last couple of years the dogfood-market has been on the move. "Every dog needs his own food" seems to be the major thought. Everything keeps on being renewed and improved. In spite of this the questions remains: Why are the veterinarian clinics more often filled with pups that grow to fast and have growing pains and with dogs that have skin problems and/or intestine problems? Why do people more often complain about moderate en discoloured furs and bad breeding results?

The dog and its metabolism, or: is the domestic dog closer to nature than you think?

Our domestic dogbreeds may be many and various, they still have at least one thing in common with their ancestor the wolf: their metabolism! In our domestic dogs its function is still the same as it was in primeval times.

Dogfood suitable for all dogs In their natural surroundings all kind of wild dogs, from small to tall and from young to old, eat from the same prey according to their need of energy at that moment. Our principle "dogs first" is the basis of the Farm Food Philosophy: one type of food for all dogs regardless of their size and age. In the various stages of their life our dogs need, like their wild relatives, more or less food, but certainly not another food. It is by perfect constitution and high quality that Farm Food HE makes an optimal offer!

As for people and other animals, the rule applies that dogs need to be fed more or less and not different. Composition and quality of Farm Food HE make sure that there is an optimal biological balance. In spite of the fact that the pressure of "the market" is enormous to go along in the "every dog its own food"-trend we stick to our principle: One kind of Farm Food HE for all dogs.

The last 25 years it is proven over and over again that Farm Food HE is extremely suitable for pups as well as senior dogs, for (very) big as well as (very) small breeds, for hard working as well as sleeping dogs, etc. Dog owners, veterinarians and veterinary homeopaths tell us increasingly often about the problem solving effects of Farm Food HE dogfood they see on dogs. Of course we are very happy to find that our consistency gains more and more recognition and acknowledgment. The dogs flourish and do very well!



Note: Farm Food Fresh is not yet available in the UK (all other products are available). Where Farm Food Fresh Complete is mentioned you can change 20% of Farm Food HE with the double amount of raw unwashed tripe. 

Since Farm Food Fresh Complete has all the nutrients for a complete and healthy meal the raw unwashed tripe is not complete. Therefore Farm Food HE can be used as a basis to create a 'do it yourself' Farm Food Fresh Complete substitute.

50 grams of Farm Food HE compares to 100 grams Farm Food Fresh. A dog needs at least 75% of the nutrients from Farm Food HE to get a complete meal, the rest of the meal should be substituted with raw unwashed tripe to stimulate the intestinal flora.

So if you would give a dog 100 grams (example!) Farm Food HE Natural Dogfood per meal (but wanted to feed your dog FF Fresh Complete instead) you can give 80 grams Farm Food HE and 40 grams raw unwashed tripe (you doubled the 20%).