The history of the Farm Food Company and its Products

1982 Farm Food HE dogfood
In 1982 Mr. Gerrit de Weerd (a consultant in the field of animal feed and animal health in the Netherlands and abroad) was asked to put together a dogfood that could be used as a neutral food in a scientific research on dogfood. He composed a high quality dogfood with a pressed pellet; based on beef from Dutch milk cows; without any chemical additives like antioxidants, artificial colourings, flavourings or aroma's, emulsifiers or preservatives. A complete, healthy and clean dogfood for every dog of any age, any breed and any condition. The research was completed after two years and the production of this "all life stage" trialfood was supposed to stop. However, after the research period during the year of 1984, several breeders insisted that this dogfood should stay available since the results they saw on their dogs were overwhelmingly good and beyond belief. Farm Food HE was born. For several years the popularity of the dogfood grew mainly through verbal advertising. Enthusiast dog owners, breeders, instructors and trainers stood at the cradle of Farm Food HE. The basic composition nowadays is for the most part identical to that of twenty years ago. The formula has proven itself repeatedly. Naturally the product is in the course of time improved by own and scientific insights.

1996 Farm Food Rawhide® dogchews
In 1996 there were so many requests for a healthy chew that could safely been given in combination with Farm Food HE that Farm Food went looking for precisely that. A production plant was found in South America where they started making Farm Food Rawhide® dogchews. Chews existing of the inner layer of the skin of cattle raised for meat production. Again a product that is guaranteed without any additives or chemical substances and free of heavy metals. But it is not just a save chew: Farm Food Rawhide® works like a toothbrush while being chewed. Through scraping the teeth and furthermore through collagen that is being released which resolves the dental plaque.

2001 Main focus on petfood market
Until 2001 Farm Food HE and Farm Food Rawhide® existed next to the consulting work Gerrit de Weerd did. But by than the decision was made to focus mainly on the petfood market. From than on Farm Food grew substantially. Every year we reach an increase in sales of approximately 30 to 40%.

2005 Farm Food No.1 puppy-kittenmilk powder
2005 is the year in which Farm Food No.1 puppy-kittenmilk powder was introduced . A totally new concept among puppymilk and milk-replacing products for all (small) mammals as it is a milk based on full-cream goat's milk instead of on skimmed cow milk which has been made unfit for human consumption. This has a stunning effect! Out of our dog-specialty it was initially meant for puppy's in particular, but as it was soon very obvious that it is extremely suitable for all other (small) mammals we do not want to restrict its use.

2008 Farm Food Fresh deep-frozen, holistic dogfood
Farm Food Fresh is introduced in 2008. During the dogfood-investigation in 1982/83 it became clear a regular addition of raw meat with a lot of unwashed tripe to the dogs meal was very positive on the total health of the dogs. The positive influence was not depending on which brand of dry food was fed. Therefore is, from the beginning of Farm Food, our standard advice to give the dogs from time to time a bit of raw meat (with a lot of green, unwashed tripe) as an addition to the dry food. From the beginning of Farm Food (1984) till 2008 all kind of on the market available frozen products were used in our advice. Since a few years the overall quality of these products did decrease and we got more and more complains about the products we advised our Farm Food HE clients. Therefore we decided to produce these type of food by ourselves and Farm Food Fresh was born. In the mean time it got clear this was a good decision!

Farm Food Company today
Farm Food is a family business. Gerrit build the company together with his wife and their two sons. Nowadays there are ten people working with the Farm Food Company. They are supported by another five people that help out whenever necessary. Production and distribution are contracted out. Naturally the main focus has always been the Dutch market. Since a couple of years we work to expand the market outside the Netherlands with the most important motivation: make Farm Food Products available in other countries for conscious dog owners that want nothing but the best for their pets. To achieve this we are still looking for distributors and wholesalers in several European countries. For the UK, please contact ANCO Distributors using the information on our contact-page.