Farm Food: 100% Holistic and Natural

Healthy Dog Food for All Life Stages

Natural Dogfood : Farm Food HE

Farm Food HE is a premium quality pressed holistic natural dog food suitable for every breed of dog, irrespective of age and/or performance. Farm Food HE is pressed dogfood and contains no chemical substances or additives such as antioxidants, preservatives, colourings, fragrances, taste substances and contains no binders. Farm Food HE natural healthy dog food distinguishes itself by the high purity of the natural raw ingredients used, resulting in a high biological value of the proteins and a high digestibility (87%). Farm Food HE distinguishes itself also by the fact that the dog food has been pressed at maximum 75o Celcius. The use of a low temperature during production prevents the ingredients from damage or nutrient loss due to excess heating.

Farm Food Dog Training Treats

The tastefull and responsible snack while rewarding your dog ... We know from experience that dogs that are positively motivated (during an exercise or training), are more inclined to make an extra effort. A tasty reward will entice every dog to work with more pleasure and attention. In the upbringing or training of a puppy or an older dog, you can cleverly benefit from your dog’s natural "will to please" with a delicious, but also healthy reward. more ....

The natural ‘toothbrush’ for dogs, made of deer antler: 100% pure, sustainable and a true product of nature. No additives, irresistible, healthy and rich in minerals, to keep your dogs teeth clean, healthy and strong.

The natural ‘toothbrush’ for dogs, made of deer antler: 100% pure, sustainable and a true product of nature. No additives, irresistible, healthy and rich in minerals, to keep your dogs teeth clean, healthy and strong. Farm Food Antlers® have a nice natural scent that appeals to dogs. Farm Food Antlers ® are solid and hard. Chewing them is a nice natural activity for your dog. Chewing creates a 'sanding effect' between the teeth of your dog and the bone, causing plaque to be removed. The outside of the antler wears down until the tasty marrow is released, which is a tasty treat in itself! More ....

Farm Food Rawhide

Farm Food Rawhide® natural dogchews are the structural treatment for dental problems by dogs. Made from hypodermic interstitial tissue: the inner layer of the hide from beef cattle. Farm Food Rawhide® is tough and fully digestible. While Farm Food Rawhide dogchews are chewed and moistened, collagen is being released from the Rawhide. This collagen resolves plaque! At the same time the Rawhide® rubs the teeth and causes a thorough, visible cleaning of the teeth. Because of this purification Farm Food Rawhide is also called "The tasteful, natural toothbrush"! 

Farm Food No.1 Puppymilk

Farm Food No.1 puppymilk is different to all others: Farm Food No.1 is based on full-cream goat's milk powder, instead of on skimmed cow's milk powder. We chose full-cream goat's milk because goat's milk is by nature much better for puppies than cow's milk. It is easier to digest and practically matches the mother's milk in its composition of amino acids and fatty acids. 

Farm Food Fresh

Note: Farm Food Fresh is not yet available in the UK (all other products are available). Where Farm Food Fresh Complete is mentioned you can change 20% of Farm Food HE with the double amount of raw unwashed tripe. 

Since Farm Food Fresh Complete has all the nutrients for a complete and healthy meal the raw unwashed tripe is not complete. Therefore Farm Food HE can be used as a basis to create a 'do it yourself' Farm Food Fresh Complete substitute.

50 grams of Farm Food HE compares to 100 grams Farm Food Fresh. A dog needs at least 75% of the nutrients from Farm Food HE to get a complete meal, the rest of the meal should be substituted with raw unwashed tripe to stimulate the intestinal flora.

So if you would give a dog 100 grams (example!) Farm Food HE per meal (but wanted to feed your dog FF Fresh Complete instead) you can give 80 grams Farm Food HE and 40 grams raw unwashed tripe (you doubled the 20%).

Farm Food Fresh stimulates a healthy intestinal flora which is one of the main pillars under the overall health of your dog. When the intestinal flora is out of balance or too poor, health problems are unpreventable. Skin, fur and intestinal problems or allergies often find their origin in a disturbance of the intestinal flora. Therefore have we, of Farm Food, from the start of our company in 1984, advised that in addition to any dry food (including Farm Food HE) raw food with much unwashed tripe should been given to the dog.


Farm Food: 100% Holistic Natural Dogfood for All Life Stages

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