Farm Food Trainers®

“The irresistible, natural reward for your dog”

The tastefull and responsible snack while rewarding your dog ...

We know from experience that dogs that are positively motivated (during an exercise or training), are more inclined to make an extra effort. A tasty reward will entice every dog to work with more pleasure and attention. In the upbringing or training of a puppy or an older dog, you can cleverly benefit from your dog’s natural "will to please" with a delicious, but also healthy reward. Tasty treats allow your dog to have more pleasure in achieving tasks during dog sports as well, such as fly-ball, agility or tracking. Farm Food Trainers are not only an extremely delicious treat for your dog, they are also a healthy snack and contain no additives.

The New Farm Food Trainers®
Ideal when training and rewarding both puppies as well as older dogs.

Some Dogs ... Will just do Anything for Farm Food Trainers Farm Food Trainers®

have a natural scent and
flavour that is irresistible for dogs.

Farm Food Trainers®

are produced without any additives
such as anti-oxidants, preservatives, colouring agents, aromatic substances
and/or artificial flavourings.

Farm Food Trainers®

are made of 100%pure beef heart
and have been air-dried, so the natural scent
and flavour of the meat is maintained.

Farm Food Trainers®

are free of gluten, easily digestible
and suit any dietary pattern as a
delicious and healthy snack.

Farm Food Trainers Beloningssnacks

• Irresistible natural reward • 100%pure dried meat • Natural scent and flavour • Free of gluten • No colouring agents • No aromatic substances • No artificial flavourings • No chemical anti oxidants • No preservatives • Suitable for every dog • Small size (single bite snack) • Ideal when training puppies • Perfect during dog sports • Delicious as a healthy snack

Also available: Farm Food Trainers Hip-pouch, ideal during dog training.
(The perfect size for a Farm Food Trainers container)

Heuptasje Gesneden runderhartblokjes, ideaal tijdens de training van uw hond

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The irresistible, natural reward for your dog